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NEW! BB Maternity


NEW! BB Maternity


The INDISPENSABLE pillowcase/blanket for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding is a unique and special moment between you and your baby and we know that you want it to be as private and intimate as possible. Ordinary cloth diapers do not have a perfect size, do not hold effectively and do not allow the important eye contact between mother and baby. Having this in mind, we developed the BB Maternity blanket. It’s your perfect ally so that breastfeeding in public is as much safe and private as possible.



Adapt the clasp around your neck as desired. You only need to do it once. Next time you use it you’ll only need one hand to put the blanket around your neck while holding your baby with the other hand. Quick and very practical!



The mother-baby bond strengthens greatly during breastfeeding and it is crucial that you maintain eye contact with your baby. He will be observing all your gestures and he’ll be able to look at you with his tender eyes through the useful and steady opening of our blanket. Perfect for you to look at your baby, at this beautiful and special moment between you two.



With beautiful English embroidery, 100% cotton. Lightweight and gentle for your baby and for you.



A practical side pocket allows you to place objects that are useful to you. From breastfeeding discs, pacifiers, bibs, wipes… Tip: Use it also to protect and cover your baby in the rides on the baby stroller, holding it to it. You can also use your blanket to lay down your baby, keeping him clean.


Suggestion: Combine it with our specific breastfeeding clothes with easy opening for an easier breastfeeding.

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100% Cotton embroidered English style

Velcro closure pocket

Metal Lock

BBme by Joana Teles – From Mother to Mother


L, M, S, XL, Unique size


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