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About Joana Teles

Joana Teles is a television host with 10 years of career in RTP, a Portuguese public television station.

Faced with her pregnancy and in the absence of clothing that reflects her taste and state of mind, she begins to create her own models of clothing for pregnant women. In 2015 she officially launches BBme by Joana Teles. BBme of “baby & me”, in a clear allusion to one of the most special moments in a woman’s life, motherhood!

Joana Teles doesn’t abdicate 100% Portuguese raw materials and execution, which makes the BBme’s models of superior quality, original, and versatile. All pieces are designed and created by Joana Teles, which seeks in each model to create special, different and versatile products.


Many of the models are designed for pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum so that your pregnancy style is never compromised and you can make the most of your BBme by Joana Teles. An investment for the different phases of your life as a mother.

Ready to live in style the most beautiful phase of your life?

BBme by Joana Teles – more than clothes, it is fashion for pregnant women!

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